Silent amnesiac guard in an NPC group


Just inside what was left of Kalimar, Tynnah found a man in a severely torn city guard uniform, though he was relatively unhurt. The citizens and guards around him were not as lucky. After trying to get him to speak, or learn anything about him, Tynnah asked if he would come with her, and he nodded his head. After awhile, the man stayed so close behind Tynnah, she mused that he was like her childhood dog, Bill. With no sign of dislike of discomfort from the man, she decided his name would be Bill until he figured out how to communicate otherwise.
Rath, Tynnah, and “Bill” were encountered by Loup, Elas, and Crogette after they fought a group of goblins. Nadira’s telepathy identified that he had no memory prior to Tynnah finding him.
After some initial awkwardness, the NPCs declined to join the PCs and parted on good terms



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