Torturer, pure evil


Kaur was the member of the slave ship crew who relished in causing pain and suffering. A truly evil being.
Kaur was the first member of the slave ship crew the PCs saw after the ship was destroyed. He was on the beach, and was being attacked by shadow creatures when the PCs rushed in. The combat ended as the last shadow creature was killed, a massive explosion of darkness knocked the PCs unconscious. When they awoke, Kaur was gone.
Bru’z fought him in a “vision”, on the same beach, and Kaur’s resulting injuries would not be survivable.
An altered Kaur was encountered while the PCs were trying to get out of the rooms above the temple. He defeated the PCs with an enchanted sword, but the sword’s enchantment was used to remove the PCs from the situation, as well as from the attention of “Him”



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